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Kontent Machine 3 Review – A Super Fast Top Ranking content Generator

Kontent Machine 3 Review – Easily Generate Unique SEO Content For Link Building

You don’t realize it yet, but you just discovered the premium software, which THOUSAND of SEO Professional are using and which sets the standards when it comes to SEO Content Creation.

What if

You could enter a Keyword and in 2 minutes have hundreds of new 100{0ce29040e0b0b028a29a99dbaac17fd538d7a2a3c03d744821bb254eb6abd00f} relevant articles ready to be imported in your favorite SEO Too?

What if
With your articles you get dozens of relevant Titles, Tags, Categories, Summaries, Resource Boxes and Bookmark Descriptions?

Obviously you would think that’s awesome but you have only see the tip of iceberg…

Here is nothing Quite Like Kontent Machine Out There !

  • Super Fast Top Ranking Content
    KONTENT MACHINE will check the quality of the content and will try to correct it automatically if needed.
  • Designed for Tiered Link Building.
    The Software knows how to build content for tiers 1 to tiers 3+
  • Never-See-Before Automatic Niche Relevancy Checking Algorithm.
    A proprietary relevancy makes sure that all the generated content is relevant and STACKED with LSI Keywords. Whatever your keyword is, Kontent Machine has been programmed to always recognize its niche.
  • State of the art Content Template Builder
    Whatever SEO tool you are using (SeNuke, Ultimate Demon, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Sick Submitter… Just name it ) With Kontent Machine you can define the exact format you want your articles to be exported in. You will also find pre-defined templates for the most popular tools.
  • 100{0ce29040e0b0b028a29a99dbaac17fd538d7a2a3c03d744821bb254eb6abd00f} Relevant Categories & Additional Tags
    No more manually typing and figuring out what categories you should select. Kotent Machine has been designed in such a way that while it is building your content it will also generate sniper-specific categories and tags.
  • 100{0ce29040e0b0b028a29a99dbaac17fd538d7a2a3c03d744821bb254eb6abd00f} Relevant Titles, Summaries and Resource Boxes
    While Building content Kontent Machine will make sure it select only the right Titles. It will also fill in for you the summaries and resource boxed so you don’t have to think about those too.
  • Powerful Nested Spintax
    Kontent Machine uses nested spintax. The difference between normal spintax and nested is that with nested spintax you will end up with hundreds of absolutely different articles.
  • Automatically Insert Contextual Links
    As you know contextual links are one of the most powerful types of Links, especially surrounded by relevant content. Kontent Machine will set your contextual links at random places in the content, It supports also plain anchor text, resource box links, anchor images, custom tokens and co-citation. It will also find and insert links to third-party authority resources.
  • The Most Powerful Auto blogger
  • Kontent Machine can Schedule and post articles directly to your blogs or to Rankwyz. That along will make building blog networks a breeze.
  • Hundreds of Major Upgrades
    We are working on Kontent Machine every day of the week and you get every update for FREE… (Even if we program it to print out money!)

The Only Content Generation Tool You will Ever Need

You want to succeed at SEO, don’t you? Then stop and ask yourself this question… “if I could build super fast top ranking content in 5 minutes what would I do for the rest of my day?”

Let’s Recap What you are getting

• The First ever piece of software that automates 100{0ce29040e0b0b028a29a99dbaac17fd538d7a2a3c03d744821bb254eb6abd00f} of our content creation

• The Only software that makes sure your content is niche relevant 100{0ce29040e0b0b028a29a99dbaac17fd538d7a2a3c03d744821bb254eb6abd00f} automatically

• A Complete article scaper add-on

• Unique “About Me”: Builder

• The only software that exports files for All Possible backlinking tools out there

• The only content generation software with a powerful content template builder

• The first and only software that automatically chooses the correct tags, keywords and categories

• The only content generation software that builds not only articles but Titles, Resource boxes, Summaries and Bookmark Descriptions

• The only software that lets you mix scraped content with your won to produce hundreds of NEW & UNIQUE articles

• All future major upgrades and updates for Free.

How to use KONTENT MACHINE, so here is KONTENT MACHINE GUIDE for your references:

1. Let’s start with the main window.

2. Start Campaign In Kontent Machine : To create new campaign you will have to click on New at home panel.

Now a window will appear as shown below.

Follow the settings to create campaign in Kontent Machine:

Content Source: Built-In-Article Scrapper

Campaign Name: Fill according to your choice

Keywords: Fill three relevant keywords

Content Quality: Select the content quality among tier 1, 2, or 3

Spinner: Select the spinner which you want to use.

Images/Videos: Select the images/videos option to add rich media in the content.

Contextual Link Setting: Links are also very important for any content. And they must be present when you are creating content for link building.It will create links manually. Take a look of below image.

Create Content: Now your task is almost complete. You are done with all the settings and requirements and now it’s the time to scrap the data and build your content. Click on Build Content.

Once it done, you will see a window like this. Click on Preview to analyze the quality of scarped articles. I am pretty sure your happiness and excitement level will be at the peak.

That’s it. You have done.

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